Stamped Concrete – What Every Homeowner Needs to Know

When it comes to modern building material marvels, stamped concrete in Vancouver should appear at the top of the list. Homeowners find they have access to items they previously thought were beyond their budget, as stamped concrete serves as a surrogate for more expensive materials. Concrete contractors in Vancouver can create a realistic texture that mimics natural stone and wood planks while keeping the cost affordable.

Often referred to as imprinted or patterned concrete, this material allows the homeowner to transform a vertical wall or concrete floor without breaking their budget. Installers work with stamped concrete both indoors and out, and people find they can complement their decor with the beauty of rock, wood, and stone using this concrete.

Top Concrete Contractors works with clients to turn their dreams into reality. However, the installation team wants to ensure customers know what the result will be before the project begins. Keep the following things in mind as you discuss your project with concrete contractors in Vancouver.

Concrete Stamps May Be Used at Any Time

A person might assume concrete stamps only work when the installation team applies them to freshly poured concrete. Fortunately, concrete contractors work with existing concrete regularly. With freshly poured concrete, the installers stamp the desired pattern into the slab before it cures. The homeowner has faux wood plank or stone floors while saving money and time.

Nevertheless, a homeowner might decide they want to update their home with the help of stamped concrete. The stamping process also helps to hide minor damage and discoloration, which homeowners appreciate as they don’t need to replace all or part of the floor. Companies specializing in stamped concrete in Vancouver can be of assistance here too. 

Imagine coming home to find your plain concrete floor has been renewed. It now offers the texture and beauty of wood, slate, brick, natural stone, or cobblestone at a fraction of the cost of replacing the floor. Contractors use rubber stamps created using real wood planks and stone molds. This ensures the finish closely mimics the appearance of the natural product. The owner finds the floor may be heavily textured or it could have an ultra-smooth look, depending on what they selected.

Unlimited Options

Homeowners find they have unlimited options in terms of patterns and colors when they choose stamped concrete. People love that they can match colors with the help of custom concrete stains. Doing so ensures the upgrade will blend in with landscape elements already in place.

Talk with concrete contractors to determine if layering or combining colors will be of benefit in intensifying a design or texture or if this technique will help add depth and dimension to the concrete. Some individuals turn to acid-based concrete stains to create marbling effects or achieve a translucent color. These become possible as the acid in the stain reacts chemically with the concrete.

Different colors may be used to create a stenciled design, contrasting color patterns, realistic colorations, or decorative borders. For those who want consistency when it comes to color, non-reactive water-based stains are needed. These stains remain low in volatile organic compounds, which many people feel is of great importance.

Easy Installation

Installers put stamped concrete over an existing surface. Homeowners concerned about the amount of time needed to set wood plank or natural stone should consider this option. In addition, there is less mess associated with this process, as the installers won’t need to set grouted tiles or stones or lay wood planks.

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